About Johannesburg Opera

About johannesburg "jozi" opera

  • To be a leading Opera Company in South Africa.
  • We aim to provide opera and theatre training to young talented individuals through the Johannesburg Opera Academy.
  • We aim to provide Full scale opera productions and concerts to the community of Johannesburg and South Africa at large, by staging these around Johannesburg.
  • We aim to educate the community about opera and theatre through community education programmes.

  • Opera academy that produces great singers and performers.
  • To produce opera productions that have a broader appeal to the South African market.
  • Long-term financial well-being through fund raising.
  • We want everyone to experience the joy of Opera.
  • To build relationships that create mutual and enduring value through the joy of opera.

What we're about

Johannesburg Opera is an opera company looking to bring great opera singing and great theatre performance with a slogan “a song for you”. A performing arts and entertainment company focussing on opera related productions, concerts and events. The company nurtures talented individuals for quality vocal and all-round theatre performances. The artists of Johannesburg Opera will always strive to challenge the conventions of art and not to be confined to the traditional operatic repertoire. Their inspiration encompasses all genres that ignite their passion.

Johannesburg Opera is looking to transform the art of opera and we are driven to creating the opportunities to feed the hunger for great performances to our stakeholders. Johannesburg Opera aims to expose opera to varied audiences from different generations and communities. Johannesburg Opera is driven by excellence in vocal performance and theatre.

Johannesburg Opera supports education and the development of South African singers. Through sponsorships and support, Johannesburg Opera will train young talented singers without the financial support to study at accredited tertiary institutions and provide opportunities to develop their talent and performance experience. Johannesburg Opera will also take opera to outlying areas and schools that don’t have access to live performances to spread the joy of opera. Most importantly it is a vehicle for the company to develop new audience for the future.

Jozi is the informal name given to Johannesburg by local residents. It is the largest city in South Africa and the provincial capital of Gauteng, the wealthiest province in South Africa.

Jozi Opera aims to discover and nurture the voices of naturally talented singers, from both Gauteng and the rest of South Africa. The idea being to mould them in order to produce quality vocal performances and theatre practitioners that can proudly and excellently epitomize the rich artistic talent that South Africa possesses.

Johannesburg Opera intends to work with world class Artists, Designers, Conductors and Directors, as appointed and selected by the company. Local and National artist are sourced from a wide selection of singers who are of the standard that is required by Johannesburg Opera and come from all provinces of South Africa.
We aim to establish working relationships with corporate companies, institutions and individuals that are practitioners of Music and Theatre.

Johannesburg Opera will, as part of its strategy, be looking at forming relationships with performing arts institutions from across the broad spectrum in Johannesburg and Gauteng. Forming these collaborations will then allow us to be able to expand our reach to not just opera lovers but to all genres as much as possible. We will also be looking at opportunities of future collaborations with national and international opera companies for the future.

"People's reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic; they either love it or they hate it. If they love it, they will always love it. If they don't, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul."

—J. F. Lawton