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Johannesburg Opera aims to captivate every audience member and lead them on journey from Opera to traditional African music with varying vocal offerings. The artists that Johannesburg Opera brings to your concerts and events always strive to challenge the conventions of art and not to be confined to the traditional operatic repertoire. Their inspiration encompasses all genres which ignite their passion.

Our musical offerings include Opera, Musicals, Traditional African music, Pop Opera and Pop Music.


We offer fully staged productions in the truest, purest form of Opera. The audience will get to enjoy concerts, galas and extravaganzas that express the lighter side of Opera. The Johannesburg Opera will accommodate to newcomers and the initiated aficionados as well. The programmes consist of popular arias and overtures, combined with the not-so-popular ones. Jozi opera often uses it's concerts to commemorate a particular composer by having a programme which consists of only that composers work; such as a Verdi Opera Gala.


As an alternative to 'pure' opera, we offer popular classical music from fan favourite artists like Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. This is primarily aimed at corporates who aim to impress their board of directors, clients and staff members. 


This is a great alternative for audiences who are not inclined towards theatrical music like opera, musicals and pop opera. The audience will get to enjoy music from their favourites like Mariah Carey, Nina Simone and Michael Bublé.


Although musicals overlap with other theatrical forms like opera. We cater for an audience that loves Broadway; and this also caters to audience who enjoys light music, theatre or both.


African music is one of the best entertainments. Our audience will get to witness opera singers singing and dancing. The audience gets to dance and sing along to the music of Mirriam Makeba, Letta Mbulu, etc.

"The more opera is dead, the more it flourishes."

—Slavoj Zizek